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Be Well Plan App

Be Well Plan App

A wellbeing app designed to make it easier to start creating long-lasting wellbeing habits.
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Be Well App

Building wellbeing habits

The impact of any wellbeing program or activity you engage in falls and stands with one thing: will you create actual long-lasting behavioural change in your life.


The Be Well Plan gives you the tools to create those positive wellbeing habits. But we all know that behaviour change is hard and requires dedication. 

To make it easier to start creating long-lasting wellbeing habits, we developed a smartphone application to go with the program, allowing you to work with your Be Well Plan no matter where you are.

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Combining technology with human interaction

Be Well Plan app screens

The Be Well Plan is a group-based training: you work with a facilitator, a group of like-minded people and most importantly yourself, to discover which evidence-based psychological skills work best for you. The app makes the program's principles more accessible and impactful.


While you could use the app by itself, this is not for everyone and it is difficult to consistently keep using an app. We therefore deliberately combine the app with facilitated session, both during the normal program and ongoing mental health 'masterclasses' that stimulate its use and wellbeing habits for years to come.

The app at a glance

The Be Well Plan app, available for iOS and Android, gives you access to all the activities that are covered in the complete Be Well Plan and allows you to continuously work with your Be Well Plan on the go. We are continuously adding new activities if research tells us they are impactful.

It is also packed with videos on mental health and wellbeing, which summarise the sessions and bonus content. This way you can revisit topics you liked or missed, but can also explore new topics you can use on your wellbeing journey.

Be Well Plan app screens

 The Be Well Plan App is a mental health and wellbeing solution that you can access via different channels.

Delivery channels
Via our Public Training

Take part in one of our ongoing public training offerings and get complementary access to the app

Via Organisations

Use the app as an add-on to the standard Be Well Plan or explore the app-only offering

Via Be Well Trainers

Our training offerings are taught by an active training community. Access the app via any of the training offerings they provide.

App features
Be Well Plan App

Key Features of the App

Available for iOS & Android​

Shared login for all our solutions

Track your Be Well Tracker results in the app

Get personalised activity recommendations

Access an ever-growing list of evidence-based activities

Packed with engaging wellbeing videos

The app integrates with out ongoing masterclasses

It is simple to use with a clean and engaging design

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I have reviewed many of the Apps available for health and wellbeing in an effort to find something evidence based, relevant, and will fit with first responder lifestyles and personalities. Your App ticks all of the boxes I’ve been looking for.

It is very refreshing because it’s not based on a ‘one size fits all’ approach and it’s easy to set up and follow. It’s safe to say I like it a lot!

- Renee Wright, South Australia Police


Some of the organisations that have used the
Be Well Plan App as part of their wellbeing strategy:

Mitsubishi Motors Australia
Logo ACG.png
Flinders University
Bank Australia
Westpac Banking
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Be Well Co
Be Well Plan App

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