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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Be Well Training 

Up to 92% of participants report meaningful improvements in mental health and wellbeing.

Our suite of mental health and wellbeing training offerings are based on over seven years of scientific research.

Three scientific studies show our training: 


  • Reduces stress, anxiety and mood symptoms

  • Improves wellbeing

  • Improves resilience/coping

Our clients report the following benefits:

  • Improved productivity

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Improved talent retention

Our training programs are engaging and promote positive, long term behavioural change, with content continually updated based on the latest evidence.


Delivered by Certified Trainers or Facilitators, our programs come in multiple formats and can be delivered online or in-person. 

Be Well Plan
Be Well Foundations
Be Well Faciitator

Be Well

Online content
+ live sessions

Be Well Facilitators are upskilled to guide live group sessions and reflective conversations, supported by a suite of self-paced, pre-recorded videos.

This format retains the impactful elements of human interaction with engaging content.

Be Well

5 week progam

A 10-hour program delivered over 5 weeks, 2 hours each week, that provides participants with the tools to develop a personalised mental health and wellbeing strategy, tailored to their psychological health profile and current life circumstances.

Be Well

5 hour progam

A 5-hour program which introduces participants to the key principles of the Be Well Plan as well as introducing them to the Be Well Technology; the Be Well Tracker and Be Well Plan App.

Be Well

1 hour sessions

1-hour sessions that provide your people with the opportunity to engage in ongoing content and continue to learn and apply key concepts in building mental health and wellbeing. Topics include Wellbeing for People Leaders, Managing Stress,

and more. 

What participants receive...

This is not a one-size-fits all program.

Participants get the benefit of experimenting with

30+ evidence-based practical activities aligned to their pscyhological profile, helping them deal with stress, cope with challenges, and be their best possible self.


Knowledge, awareness and the opportunity to reflect are key parts of our programs including a range of science based content such as helpful thinking styles, mindfulness, cognitive flexibility, self-compassion and realistic optimism, to name a few. 


Your people will walk away with practical tools including access to online content to drive lasting change, via the Be Well Tracker measurement tool, the Be Well Plan App plus NEW video content.

People chatting

Check out some of our Be Well Activities from the Be Well Plan

Three Funny Things: Joep encourages us all to reflect on the things in life that bring us joy and laughter and to share this with others.

Benefits:  “Laughter is the best medicine”.  Three funny things can help you reduce negative mood and boost happiness. Sharing this with others also helps boost connection.

Become a Be Well Trainer

Be Well Certified Trainers & Facilitators

Be Well Training Programs are delivered live by
Be Well Certified Trainers who can either be internal to your organisation or community, or part of our existing trainer network.


If you would like to take part in the Certified Training Program (CTP), review the information pack below and get in touch with us at


Certified Trainer

We also have a NEW Be Well Facilitator (video-enabled) format which is a more accessible and flexible way to deliver the Be Well Programs.

Be Well Facilitators are upskilled to guide live group sessions and reflective conversations, supported by a suite of self-paced, pre-recorded videos.


This format retains the impactful elements of human interaction with engaging content, while offering greater flexibility and a lower upfront cost.


To express interest in this new format please contact

The Evidence

Be Well Plan was developed by world leading wellbeing and mental health researchers from SAHMRI and Flinders University’s Institute for Mental Health and Wellbeing.


Drawing on the best available evidence from around the world, SAHMRI conducted a meta-analysis (a ‘study of studies’) including over 400 studies of psychological programs, to understand the most effective ways to improve mental wellbeing. This resulted in the activities presented in our training programs, which are available to participants in an easy to apply format.


Be Well Plan has been proven to be effective in three separate studies, including a gold-standard ‘Randomised Control Trial’ with academic publications forthcoming.

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I have always struggled with my mental health. I found the Be Well Plan brilliant... It was great being able to open up about our mental health in a safe space and support each other’s journey and goals. 

On paper, I halved my stress levels and doubled my positive mood score, but it was in my daily life that I really felt a difference. I was more motivated, had a more positive outlook, and found it easier to diffuse negative thoughts with the strategies we learned.


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Some of our clients...

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Flinders University
Bank Australia
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