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Be Well Resources

Access Free Wellbeing Videos, Blog Articles, and check-in on your Wellbeing with the Be Well Tracker. 
Be Well Rescources

Be Well Activities

Try some of our  Be Well Activities, underpinned by our leading research and taken from our proven

Be Well Plan training.

Character Strengths:  Natalie explains how to discover your strengths and spot strengths in others using the Values in Action (VIA) survey. Link to the survey here


Benefits: Capitalising on your strengths can increase overall wellbeing, while spotting strengths in others can also build team connections.

Mindful Walking: Stuart explains how you can enjoy the benefits of mindfulness while taking a short walk during your day. Try taking a mindful walk together as a group in your team or with your family.

Benefits: Walking meditation can positively benefit wellbeing by reducing stress, improving concentration and emotional regulation.

Meaningful Pictures:  Lou shares how we can identify and name the sources of meaning in our lives. An uplifting activity that is a great energiser in group settings to build connection.

Benefits: The greater your sense of meaning and purpose, the fewer negative emotions you feel and the more satisfied you are with your life.

Gratitude Letter:  Monique shares how a simple note of gratitude to a colleague, friend or loved one can build connection. 

Benefits: Build wellbeing through strengthening relationships.

Three Funny Things:  Joep encourages us all to reflect on the things in life that bring us joy and laughter and to share this with others. 

Benefits:  “Laughter is the best medicine”.  Three funny things can help you reduce negative mood and boost happiness. Sharing this with others also helps boost connection.

Tiny Habits:  Matt helps us to embed activities into our daily lives by using a technique from Stanford behavior scientist BJ Fogg.

Benefits: By creating daily habits we are able to sustain the benefits of improved wellbeing longer term.  

Be Wel Activity Videos
Girl Working in a Cafe

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