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Workplace Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing

Equip your people with personalised, practical tools scientifically proven to improve wellbeing and reduce distress.

Investing in mental health and wellbeing 
leads to individual and business outcomes 

Drives performance
and innovation
Improves client and
team relationships
Attracts and retains
key talent
Build leader and manager capability
Delivers ROI 
up to 6:1
Promotes feelings of 
trust and safety
Equips staff to deal
with change
Creates an engaged workforce

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Org Wellbeing
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Did you know 2 in 3 of your people are struggling to cope?

Our evidence based solutions help you understand,

improve and evaluate the mental health of your people.


Be Well Tracker

Gain insights into the mental health and wellbeing of your people through our secure, online measurement tool.


The Be Well Tracker provides your people with a confidential individual report with insights into their

mental health.

Our comprehensive organisational report allows you to identify

at-risk groups to inform your wellbeing intervention strategy.

Training & Content

Be Well Plan 

Build the mental health of your people through our group based training programs including the Be Well Plan, Be Well Foundations and ongoing Masterclasses. Each of our programs introduces participants to practical, proven tools tailored to their psychological profile

(using the Be Well Tracker).


Sessions are delivered by Certified Trainers (internal or external to your organisation). All participants gain access to our mobile app giving your people the ability to access activities in the palm of their hand.


Be Well Consulting

Drive sustainable behaviour change and improvements in mental health through implementing a tailored strategy to embed wellbeing in your business for lasting results. 


Our expert team can work with you to develop an evaluation framework to determine the ongoing impact of your programs.

The importance of looking after our physical health is well recognised, investing in our mental health is no different.

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Our Impact


Up to 92% of participants reported meaningful 

improvements in Mental Health & Wellbeing outcomes.


For every $1 organisations invest they receive up to a $6

return on investment.


Over 20K measurements taken, 4K individuals have completed the Be Well Plan. 40+ Certified Trainers across Australia.

Our solutions have been implemented across
a wide variety of organisations:

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Left quotes.png

Be Well Co stood out in the market...they have the perfect combination of the science with the practical tools that can be used everyday….I tell my people this is about You, not just in the workplace. It’s about learning the skills to get ready for life and the challenges that come up for us all.

- David Reynolds, Chief Executive,
Department of Treasury and Finance


—  Name, Title


Our Evidence

We pride ourselves in being evidence-based. We don’t just use that as a tagline, it is at the core of everything we do.


Be Well Co has a direct research link with two leading research organisations: the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Flinders University.


All of our solutions are developed and tested by their researchers. Learn more about our research-driven approach to our solutions below.

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