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Employee Mental Health and Wellbeing Program | Village Roadshow Theme Parks | Case Study


Village Roadshow Theme Parks is Australia’s largest theme park operator providing some of the most thrilling entertainment, rides and slides available anywhere in the world. Village Roadshow Theme Parks operates Movie World, Sea World, Sea World Resort, Wet and Wild, Paradise Country, Top Golf, Outback Spectacular and the Village Roadshow Studios.

Post pandemic, Village Roadshow Theme Parks was exploring ways to improve team member wellbeing and seeking a flexible, evidence-based program that would complement their existing training program - Mental Health Conversations. Together, with our Be Well Co programs, these initiatives would represent the core learning modules for team members.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks invested in 2x Be Well Certified Trainers to deliver our evidence-based mental wellbeing program to their people. This allowed Village Roadshow Theme Parks to explore ways to integrate wellbeing into daily conversations and work practices that suited each area of the business.

An evaluation of the pilot group after completing the 5-week Be Well Plan program (70 participants) found:

• 0% languishing

• 19% improved to high wellbeing

• 7% increase in high resilience

• Improvements in mood (19%); anxiety (10%); stress (13%)

Based on the success with the pilot program, Village Roadshow Theme Parks designed a BOOST strategy to continue with their wellbeing success. The BOOST strategy includes our Be Well Foundations (5 hours) and Be Well Masterclasses (1 hour) as well as other local initiatives to empower team members to take care of their emotional and physical health.

Village Roadshow Theme Parks members continue to have access to the programs which introduce the science of behaviour change and are acquainted with over 30 evidence-based activities to support their personal wellbeing journey.

A participant testimonial that supports the impact of the program:

*To respect privacy, we have de-identified the testimonial

"The Be Well Plan was honestly fantastic. I learnt so much about my physical health, my mental health and it was really fun and engaging to participate in."

Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you or your organisation to implement a mental health and wellbeing initiative, you can also read more in our blog creating a wellbeing strategy with impact.


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