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Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar Series


Well Measured: Not all wellbeing measures are created equal.

Wednesday 3 August | 2:00-3:00 PM ACST

Many organisations lack the data they need for informed decisions around their people's wellbeing, or believe that a single question in a culture survey will provide enough insight.


In this webinar our researchers Joep van Agteren and Matthew Iasiello, will unpack why wellbeing measurement is important for any organisation or community and how to ensure you are using meaningful, scientific data to drive a strategy with impact. They will cover:

  • Key insights we have from measuring 17k people across 40+ organisations over the past three years.

  • A summary of our wellbeing findings to date: at-risk groups and things to look out for in your organisation.

  • Practical do's and don'ts if you measure or are planning to measure wellbeing in your organisation.

  • How the Be Well Tracker was designed to help you track a number of mental health outcomes over time, including wellbeing, distress, burnout and more.

Your Speakers

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Joep van Agteren


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Matt Iasiello