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Free Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar Series

Mental Health and Wellbeing Webinar Series

Free. Via Zoom.

Well-Measured: Not all wellbeing measures are created equal.

Recorded on: Wednesday 3 August | 2:00-3:00 PM ACST


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Joep van Agteren


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Matt Iasiello


The second free webinar in the series covered:

  • Key insights we have from measuring 17k people across 40+ organisations over the past three years.

  • A summary of our wellbeing findings to date: at-risk groups and things to look out for in your organisation.

  • Practical do's and don'ts if you measure or are planning to measure wellbeing in your organisation.

  • How the Be Well Tracker has been designed to help you track a number of mental health outcomes over time, including wellbeing, distress, burnout and more.

If you missed it and would like to learn more or get a link to the recording email