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The importance of addressing mental health

Working on our mental health is important for all of us, no matter whether we have symptoms of mental illness or not. Our mental health ≠mental illness. It is far more than that.

The science is crystal clear: all of us (with a bit of help) can improve our mental health and wellbeing for the better. When we do so, we see clear improvements in a large number of areas we care about: our relationships, our work, our health just to name a few. 

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Psychological and behavioural solutions can reliably improve and safeguard wellbeing and resilience, as well as reduce current distress.

Building training capacity 

There is a tremendous appetite for people and organisations to invest in wellbeing pro-actively: before problems become serious. 


To meet this need we need to improve our capacity to deliver evidence-based wellbeing solutions: we need solutions to be more accessible in the general population. 


Enabling professionals to deliver evidence-based wellbeing programs is a key way to improve the wellbeing of our community.


Building mental health is a key priority for our community 


Professional wellbeing trainers are crucial to actually meet the demand for services


Our solutions enable trainers to deliver evidence-based wellbeing services.

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We enable trainers to deliver evidence-based wellbeing services to organisations and the community. We solve key challenges and  barriers to becoming a trainer:

Access to training materials

No need to create programs yourself. We provide you with materials that we will continuously update. 

Access to a wellbeing measurement

Everyone who does the training gets a measurement, allowing you to see the progress your trainees make

Access to a smartphone app

The training comes with a support app for iOS and Android, aimed at creating behaviour change and angagement

Access to masterclasses

Use our masterclasses to delve deeper into topic areas or use them as booster sessions after the training finishes

Access to a trainer community

You will join a network of trainers who share knowledge and experiences, so we keep improving our training 

Contribute to wellbeing research

You will be actively contributing to world-leading research into ways to build mental health and wellbeing.


Our Focus

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The Invisible

Why would people want to keep feeling 'off', if they don't have to?

30% of us 'just' have low wellbeing. These people do not feel optimal but show no signs of mental illness.


This group is at up to 8x risk of developing more serious problems and benefits most from wellbeing training.


We need accredited trainers to reach this group in an evidence-based way.

You can help the 8 million Australians with low wellbeing, who don’t feel optimal but shown no signs of mental illness (yet).

Promote Health

Working on growing our wellbeing skill-set is very valuable, even if people have high wellbeing.

Safeguarding good mental health is just as important, 1) to keep feeling great and 2) to prevent from developing more serious problems.


As a trainer you will help  tailor wellbeing skills to your participants' needs to ensure they continue to flourish.

You can give people the ability to maintain wellbeing, so they can start feeling great, and develop a buffer to bounce back when adversity hits  

Tackle distress

At any given time 20% of us will show problems with mood, anxiety and stress.


Accessible interventions exist that help you develop skills to deal with mild to moderate symptoms.


These wellbeing interventions  complement other important services, such as psychologists and counsellors.

You can give people a skillset to deal with distress when it inevitably arises 

As a Be Well Certified Trainer, you will work with Be Well Co's suite of wellbeing solutions.

Be Well Plan

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Get trained to deliver our group-based wellbeing program. The training can be taught online and in-person and comes in multiple formats. Our default format is a 5 week program with 2 hour sessions, which can be supplemented with booster sessions called 'master classes' on key wellbeing topics.

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As part of the Be Well Plan, participants take a free wellbeing measurement  via Be Well Tracker. They will receive an immediate online report on key mental health domains. Participants will use their results to personalise their Be Well Plan to their own unique needs. The tool is secure and data is kept private on our own server.

Be Well Tracker

Be Well Plan App

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Automatically get access to our smartphone app for IOs and Android that comes with the Be Well Plan. The app is continuously updated with new activities and comes with a range of masterclasses that give you more in-depth knowledge on mental health and wellbeing topics. 


Our solutions have been tried and tested by a wide variety of organisations. More and more forward thinking organisations are looking for trainers.

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As an athlete I was lucky to have been given the opportunity to learn these essential skills which were a game changer to my performance. I am committed to sharing this knowledge with others and ensuring people learn this before they hit crisis point. 

- Katrina Webb, Be Well Plan Certified Trainer


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