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Employee Wellbeing Program | SA Department of Treasury and Finance | Case Study


We have partnered with the SA Department of Treasury and Finance to provide a range of initiatives to enable personal changes in the wellbeing and personal resilience of employees across the department. The program includes delivery of the Be Well Plan (face to face and online), Be Well Masterclasses, the Be Well App, and measuring wellbeing at an organisational level using the Be Well Tracker.

An evaluation of the pilot group for the 5-week Be Well Plan program (83 participants) found:

  • Mental wellbeing increased by 16%;

  • Resilience increased by 13%;

  • 0% reported to be languishing (a key finding given people who have low wellbeing have up to 8x greater risk of developing a mental illness);

  • A reduction in distress, particularly with negative mood and stress

The end of program survey and focus groups reported very positive results for quality of the content, the trainers and the personal impact the program had on participants.

Participant testimonials that support the impact of the program:

*To respect the privacy of participants, we have de-identified the testimonials

"I enjoyed that there wasn't a one size fits all for the resilience program. Information was backed up by research evidence and factual data which was easy to relate to and comprehend the information we were given. The booklet with the activities was a big support to discovering what works for each individual, I appreciated that a lot."

"I thought it was great. I really appreciated it being personalised rather than just content without application. I think it is something everyone should do - and would be great if this was taught early and throughout our lives (i.e.: during schooling years - from kindergarten to high school). I really appreciate DTF seeing this as valuable for staff. I think great benefits will be derived from staff engagement in this program."

"I think it is a great basic overall resilience program. I have read many books on the different topics so I thought for a person learning this the first time it is a great program that covers many of the topics especially for new comers to wellbeing and mindfulness etc."

"It was a great experience. I’m glad I got the opportunity to be part of this course, and will definitely recommend it to my colleagues."

"A well structured program. Everyone in DTF should have access to it."

Feel free to get in touch to see how we can help you or your organisation to implement a mental health and wellbeing initiative, you can also read more in our blog creating a wellbeing strategy with impact.

*Below is an image of our researcher, Matthew Iasiello with David Reynolds, DTF's former CE, launching the wellbeing initiative to the DTF workforce in 2021.


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