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Wellbeing Solutions
for Individuals

Just like we work on our physical fitness to stay healthy, we should pro-actively work on our mental health

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Mental health is more than mental illness 

Working on our mental health is important for all of us, no matter whether we have symptoms of mental illness or not.


Our mental health equals mental illness?


It is far more than that and investing in our mental health will pay off. 


When you work on your mental health in a whole-hearted way, you will start noticing positive changes in your personal and professional life.

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Individual mental health
Individual wellbeing benefits

The benefits of investing in mental health and wellbeing

The science is crystal clear: every single one of us can improve our mental health and wellbeing for the better. 


Global research, including our own, very clearly shows that psychological and behavioural mental health and wellbeing solutions, like ours can, improve and safeguard wellbeing and resilience, as well as reduce current distress.

When we do so, we see clear improvements in a large number of areas we care about:

  • our physical health

  • creativity

  • relationships, and

  • our professional lives to name a few. 

Personal: Feeling better on a day-to-day basis​

Professional: Improved productivity and higher job satisfaction

Relational: better connections and positive relationships 

We help tackle low wellbeing in the community by

Our Focus

Focusing on the 8 million Australians with low wellbeing, who don’t feel optimal but show no signs of mental illness (yet)

30% of us 'just' have low wellbeing. These people do not feel optimal but show no signs of mental illness.


This group is at up to 8x risk of developing more serious problems and benefits most from wellbeing training.

And that's what we are here to prevent, by teaching individual simple tricks and wellbeing habits, back by research and are evidence-based.

Working on growing ones wellbeing skill-set is extremely valuable, even if one has high wellbeing.

Bolstering good mental health is just as important,

  1. to keep feeling great, and

  2. to prevent developing more serious problems.​

We help individuals tailor wellbeing skills to their own needs to ensure they continue to flourish.

Giving people the ability to maintain wellbeing, so they can start feeling great, and develop a buffer to bounce back when adversity hits 

Giving people a skillset to tackle distress head-on without the stigma attached

At any given time 20% of us will show problems with mood, anxiety and stress. 


Accessible interventions exist that help you develop skills to deal with mild symptoms of distress.


These wellbeing interventions  can complement other important services, such as psychologists and counsellors.

Our scientific tools help individuals and organisations understand, track and build mental health and wellbeing in engaging ways

Wellbeing products

Be Well Tracker

Take a scientific measurement of your mental health and receive an immediate online report on key domains such as mental wellbeing, resilience, stress, mood problems, anxiety and burnout. Your data is kept secure and private. While you explore your own mental health, you also contribute to vital scientific research.

Be Well Plan

Our group-based wellbeing program teaches you to find evidence-based activities tailored to your unique situation. It is taught online and in-person over 5 weeks in 2 hour sessions. You walk away with a personalised wellbeing plan and we provide you with resources to keep boosting the program's impact over time.

Be Well Plan App

A smartphone app for IOs and Android that supports the Be Well Plan. The app holds videos of the training, is continuously updated with new activities and comes with a set of masterclasses that give you in-depth knowledge on wellbeing topics relevant to your unique situation.

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How to access the Be Well Solutions

Be Well Tracker

As individual you can access a once off Be Well Tracker measure to gain insights into your wellbeing.

Ongoing access to the Be Well Tracker is available as part of our public Be Well Plan training.



Alternatively the Be Well Plan is taught  by an active training community.  You can access the Tracker via their training.



Or via your organisation if they participate in our Programs.

Be Well Plan

The Be Well Plan training is available as part of our public training. You can join here:



Alternatively the Be Well Plan is taught  by an active training community.  You can search for a trainer near you.



Alternatively your organisation can they participate in our Programs. Check with your employer if they currently or are planing to run a Be Well Plan training session.

In the meantime you can try a selection of Be Well Activities recorded by our team

Be Well Plan App

As an individual, to access the Be Well Plan App you will need to take part in our ongoing public training which provides you with complementary access.



If you participate in the Be Well Plan training, the app is an add-on.

Alternatively, the Be Well Plan is taught by an active training community. These trainers can provide access via their offerings. 

Or via your organisation if they participate in our Programs.

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I have always struggled with my mental health. I found the Be Well Plan brilliant... It was great being able to open up about our mental health in a safe space and support each other’s journey and goals. 

On paper, I halved my stress levels and doubled my positive mood score, but it was in my daily life that I really felt a difference. I was more motivated, had a more positive outlook, and found it easier to diffuse negative thoughts with the strategies we learned.


—  Name, Title


Our Evidence

We pride ourselves in being evidence-based. We don’t just use that as a tagline, it is at the core of everything we do. Be Well Co has a direct research link with two leading research organisations: the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Flinders University. All of our solutions are developed and tested by their researchers. Learn more about our research-driven approach to our solutions below.

Need additional support?

All of us will need help every now and then.


This is no different for your mental health. There is a lot we can do to protect our own mental health and wellbeing, but sometimes we will benefit from external support.

If you or someone you know would like additional support please see a list of services here.

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