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The Problem

Our mental health is often a mystery to us: we typically don’t have ready insight into what it looks like on an ongoing basis. And this doesn’t just apply to individuals: organisations and even the government are lacking vital data on the wellbeing of our people.


The Be Well Tracker was created to help fill this knowledge gap in the public understanding of our mental health and wellbeing: a knowledge gap that impacts the wellbeing decisions we make as individuals, organisations and the wider community.

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The Opportunity

Getting insight into our mental health and wellbeing (not just symptoms of illness) using reliable scientific assessment tools is a vital step in changing our collective wellbeing. Knowledge is key to knowing where to intervene and where to further invest. 


This isn’t rocket science: individuals and organisations have increasingly been looking for reliable ways to gain insight into the state of their mental health and wellbeing.


We are on a mission to help people and organisations get these valuable insights. By doing this on an ongoing basis we are also creating a snapshot of Australia's wellbeing while we are at it.

Our Solution

Our team of academic researchers investigated the scientific literature for valid and reliable scales that are easy-to-use and interpret, and can provide benchmarks, keeping in mind that wellbeing needs differ for each individual and organisation.


The result is a flexible measurement tool that provides real-time reports for individuals and powers our ability to provide organisational insights based on scientific principles. Robust, Valid and Reliable. 


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The Measurement philosophy

By using the Tracker, you will rely on a scientific approach to measuring mental health and wellbeing.


Everything in the Tracker is tested and validated, all the while allowing flexibility to tailor to the unique needs of organisations. This flexibility will expand more and more over the course of 2021, so stay tuned.


Until then, for those who wants some more insight into our methodology and our insights, read more via the button below.

The benefits of the Be Well Tracker

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Benefits for you

The Be Well Tracker is all about agency: giving you the insights you need to improve your wellbeing now and in the future.  

What benefits can you expect

  • Immediate insights into your own wellbeing

  • Re-do the measure whenever you want

  • tailored resources to your mental health profile

The benefits for individuals who use the Be Well Tracker

Benefits for your organisation

The Be Well Tracker is designed with organisations in mind, giving organisations flexibility in measurement without losing the rigour that is required to see impact. 


​What benefits can organisations expect

  • Flexible measurement tailored to unique needs

  • De-identified organisational reports with granular breakdowns

  • Clear benchmarking across public sector and private industries

The benefits for organisations who invest in the Be Well Tracker

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Key Features of the Be Well Tracker

Comprehensive​ measurement of positive, adaptive and distress outcomes

We use reliable & valid scientific scales

Quick and easy: done in 10-15 minutes

Participants get realtime individual feedback on wellbeing

Track change over time by repeating measurements

We provide suggestions for change based on wellbeing scores

Access the Tracker on any internet-enabled device

We can collated data to provide de-identified organisational insights

Secure & Private, adhering to strict security protocols


The Be Well Tracker has been tried and tested by individuals belonging to a wide variety of organisations.

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About Us

Be Well Co Pty Ltd is a spin-out from the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI). We were set up to translate the research that SAHMRI and their collaborators (including Flinders University) conduct on the Be Well Plan and the Be Well Tracker. We are an independent organisation, but are still strongly tied to research institutes, with a portion of proceeds feeding back into vital research into mental health and wellbeing.