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Be Well Plan

A personalised mental health and wellbeing strategy tailored to your psychological health profile and your current life circumstances.

the problem

 The Be Well Plan is a mental health solution for all of us, harnessing the reach of the many organisations that care for their people. The Be Well Plan is a group-based program that comes in different formats:


Delivered via our professional trainers or by upskilled people within organisations, taught in small to medium size groups (up to 30-40 people) over 5 weekly sessions. Masterclasses are provided to ensure sustainability and long-lasting change.

The Be Well Plan was also developed to be delivered remotely via teleconferencing software. It comes with both printed and online resources such as an interactive PDF and pre-recorded session videos for people who miss a session.


The App

The plan also comes in an app-format, delivered using an abbreviated introduction workshop (5 hour minimum), supported by monthly masterclasses to ensure impact and tackle a key challenge for technology solutions: drop out.

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The Be Well Plan philosophy

Throughout this program you will learn different exercises and strategies to build strong and positive levels of mental health and wellbeing.

Throughout the program, you are taught helpful thinking styles, including mindfulness, cognitive flexibility, self-compassion and realistic optimism to start. Each week you will experiment with different activities.

This is not a one-size-fits all program: we won’t just give you some exercises. Rather, we will teach you how to find exercises and strategies tailored just for you and your unique needs.

Each week you will experiment with different activities, figuring out what works and what does not.  In the end you walk away with your own customised Be Well Plan. 

Yoga at Home

Key Features of the Be Well Plan

Access 30+ evidence-based activities

Personalise activities to your unique situation

The activities are practical and engaging

The program comes in multiple delivery formats

We use technology to improve the impact of our training

Track your progress using the Be Well Tracker insights

Join the Be Well community after training completion

Access the ongoing masterclasses for in-depth knowledge

What the data says

We pride ourselves in being evidence-based. We don’t just use that as a tagline, it is at the core of everything we do. Be Well Co has a direct research link with two leading research organisations: the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SAHMRI) and Flinders University. All of our solutions are developed and tested by their researchers. Learn more about our research-driven approach to our solutions below.


Our solutions are tried and tested, with participant feedback and the data from our research being a testimony to its impact

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I have always struggled with my mental health. I found the Be Well Plan brilliant... It was great being able to open up about our mental health in a safe space and support each other’s journey and goals. 

On paper, I halved my stress levels and doubled my positive mood score, but it was in my daily life that I really felt a difference. I was more motivated, had a more positive outlook, and found it easier to diffuse negative thoughts with the strategies we learned.


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—  Name, Title

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